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Inspired by "Darth Malgus", made in the image and likeness, Exclusive Design, with latest generation electronics X3RGB / X3PIXEL Limited Edition.

KTSR - Veradun (Darth Malgus Inspired) KSVRDN01

Heavy duty light emitter.
Brand: KTSR
Model: Veradun (Darth Malgus Inspired )

Material: Aluminum handle.
Size: Handle 38 cm. Blade 92 cm total length 130 cm.
Blade diameter: External 25.4mm (1 inch) Internal Thickness 2mm.
Handle Color: Black / Chrome / Gold.
Charging: USB-C fast charging.
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Charge Voltage: 5V/1A (Max)
Battery: Rechargeable 18650 10A, 3600mAh
Light: Pixel technology with 288 leds on the blade
Sound: SD Card with 34+ Sound Sources
Exclusive internal programming of our KTSR team

KTSR own programming with additional sheet styles and fonts
35+ pre-installed sound fonts, various font styles

KTSR own programming with additional sheet styles and fonts
40+ pre-installed sound fonts, various font styles

font1 - The Chosen - Anakin Skywalker
font2 - New Horizon - King Skywalker
font3 - The Dark Sword - DarkSaber
font4 - The Assassin - Darth Maul
font5 - The Knight - Kylo Ren
font6 - Wanderer - Taron Malicos
font7 - The Protector - Obi Wan Kenobi
font8 - The Dark Empress - Darkside King
font9 - The Son - Luke Skywalker
font10 - The Third Hunter - Reva
font11 - The Master - Qui Gon Jinn
font12 - The Dark Lord Order - Darth Vader
font13 - Fallen Apprentice - Cal Kestis (Magenta Blade)
font14 - The Princess - Leia Organa
font15 - Double Agent - Revan
font16 - Truly Lost - Cal Kestis (Darkside)
font17 - Wraith - Custom
font18 - The Senate - The Emperor
font19 - Redeemed - Cere Junda
font20 - Bounty - Ahsoka Tano
font21 - The Count - Count Dooku
font22 - Codex Of Light - Custom
font23 - Cyber ​​Terror - Custom (Futuristic)
font24 - Dark Ages - Custom (Medieval)
font25 - Hatred - Darth Malgus
font26 - Idyll - Custom (Samurai)
font27 - Serenity - Custom (Jedi)
font28 - The Champion - Mace Windu
font29 - The Dark Lord Revisited - Darth Vader (variant)
font30 - The Learner - Ezra Bridger
font31 - The Second - The Second Sister
font32 - The Teacher - Yoda
font33 - Whispers Of Power - Custom
font34 - Moon Field - Sailor Moon

Light emitter made of anodized 6061 aluminum.
High strength polycarbonate sheet.

Your purchase includes:
1 x light emitter
1 x High Strength Ballistic Grade Polycarbonate Sheet
1 x charger cable
Allen key for blade adjustment / extra screws / operation manual

Shipping is done the next day, with us you don't have to wait, we have them available for immediate purchase! Check the video of real operation on our YouTube channel KTSR