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Christmas spheres, mini helmets and mini Death Star to make your decoration unique and galactic, 3D printed with premium PLA filaments.

Technique: 3D printing
Material: PLA
Size: Small
Measurements: Width 6 x Height 6 x Depth 6 cms. approx.

Each set contains 9 pieces, hanging ring (thread not included)

The Mandalorian Helmet
Scout Trooper Helmet
Imperial Guard Helmet
Darth Vader Helmet
stormtrooper helmet
Boba Fett Helmet
C3P0 Helmet
R2D2 helmet
Death Star Sphere

Manufacturing Time: Immediate Delivery, Out of Stock, 2-3 Business Days

*The Product may show random imperfections, since it is individually manufactured and decorated by hand, this makes it unique and unrepeatable!